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  2. Last week I did my annual training and check flight to renew my permission for low level aerobatic displays.
  3. Beda

    Tail Wheel install

    During the first attempt at installing tail wheel, the mechanism bumped into the bottom of fuselage before fully lowering and the tail wheel was not aligned with fuselage. Shims on both side were installed as a possible fix. This sort of worked but the wheel was still not aligned with the fuselage when lowered. Third attempt was to remove shim from one side and double shim on the opposite side. This solved both problems but bolt was just too short. Still need to improve bolt length issue.
  4. Beda

    Builder Experiences

    I thought we should all post pictures and text of how we built each part. The plans can't possibly know to mention " when installing the cable make sure...............". I for example did the first part of my wind screen install in 30 hours and the second half of my install in 10 hours. The experience of the first half was very frustrating. Now working on the tail wheel assembly and wish I had a shoulder to cry on. It would be nice to read from a fellow builder what they did with some accompanying photos. How does the emergency cable route through the fuselage. I found out today that you must make an inspection hatch while doing this install. ...............would have been nice....... That's my point, build and share.
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