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ScaleWings Community
  • The ScaleWings Owners Community website is for sharing knowledge and experiences building, flying, and maintaining the beautiful SW-51 aircraft. This website is intended for owners, builders, pilots, maintainers, operators, and enthusiasts of the SW-51. We are hoping to create a positive and feature-rich environment for exchanging information. We are thankful that ScaleWings Aircraft GmbH is an active participant and sponsor of our community. Please join us:

    Website Features:

    • Forums:  Community members can post topics to start threads of conversations.  This is where questions can be answered or conversations began.
    • Library:  Collection of official Tech Pubs and other valuable resources for members.
    • Gallery:  Collection of images and videos uploaded by the company and by members.
    • Blogs:  Owners track their progress building and flying their aircraft.


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